The Two Silent Sentinels

The sight and smell of eucalypts are a defining part of Australian life.

The property where these two beautiful trees can be found is a short distance north of Nairne, just off Pyrites Road leading toward Brukunga in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.
This landscape was chosen because it includes two significant trees, a vista of Mount Barker in the background and depicts an area within the Mount Lofty Ranges, which has, for more than one hundred years supported sheep and cattle farming.
Now however, the small villages which nestle into these wonderful hills are more commuter zones where people escape each evening from Adelaide’s city life, rather than functioning as the supply centres for the large successful productive hills farming operations of the past.

The midday summer light on this stunning landscape, the two magnificent eucalypt trees and this pastoral landscape convey a compelling sense of history…they are the main subjects of the painting…along with a delightfully recognisable view of Mount Barker …the surrounding grassy woodlands and occasional rocky outcrops often seen in this region….all reflect “the uniqueness and strength of the Adelaide Hills character”.

Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen.
Size: Landscape: 92cms X 66cms.
Completion Date: July 2017.
Commission Work – SOLD