The Guardian of Wattle Flat Road

The Eucalypt tree dominates the Australian Landscape

Beautiful landscapes delight and attract people…they help to identify and provide a sense of place.  So it is with this painting.

This single outstanding tree is embedded into the earth, it dominates the landscape…and even the valleys beyond…it appears to be an egotistical tree…standing apart it draws attention to itself giving very little in the way of shade….but it does have a history!

You will find this wonderful old tree, probably a eucalypt – on a property just off Wattle Flat Road on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia – and over time it has become the “Guardian” with an obvious rugged, gnarled, weather beaten beauty, exemplifying the very essence of endurance.

That strange, invisible beauty of Australia, which is undeniably here, includes this dominant tree overseeing the farmland, the flowering knapweed and densely tufted golden grasses…grasses that were important for animal fodder and which for more than one hundred years have supported sheep and cattle farming giving a clue to uses the tree may have provided.

The mid-summer afternoon light, the dramatic sky along with the open farm gate leads you into a stunning landscape….that has a significant story to tell.

Medium: Acrylic on Belgium Linen.
Size: Landscape: 102cms X 76cms.

Completion Date: October 2017.
Commissioned Work – SOLD