River Red Gum on the Bulloo River – at Thargomindah

The historical stories that could be told are hidden within the aged, knarled and twisted trunk and roots of this beautiful old tree.

Thargomindah is about 200kms west of Cunnamulla in western New South Wales.

Landscapes in the Bulloo region vary and are ever changing from dry red dust, dry sandy river bed, to the rarely seen unbelievable greens of the outback after good rains.

Late on a sunny winters afternoon in Thargomindah as I walked along the Thargomindah River Walk the most significant features of the walk was the bird life, the eucalyptus fragrance and the beautiful River Red Gums on the banks of the Bulloo River.
They are a recurring feature of the Australian landscape. These wonderfully hardy trees, highly valued by our First Nations peoples, have strong connections to water bodies such as rivers, creeks, waterways and the great floodplains of the outback.

This lovely twisted Red Gum can be found on the town side of the Old Cobb and Co. River Crossing at Thargomindah – the river flowing slowly and fully following the late summer rains of 2021 provided the delightful reflections.

The glorious golden winter light that exposed the shapes, the shadows, reflections and the unique rhythm and patterning of the multiple colours in the trunks and barks made this Red Gum as it appears to cling to the river bank – and the surrounding bushland – such a wonderful subject for a painting…what an absolute delight?

Medium: Acrylic on 10oz Australian Acrylic Primed Linen
Size: Landscape: 122cms (48”) X 92cms (36”)
Completion Date: February 2023
Price: $12,000