Leonards Mill

In 1849 James and John Leonard built their mill adjacent to what later became the thriving settlement of Randalsea now Second Valley.
The iconic Leonards Mill began its life as a flour mill in 1858. The flour mill operated for 19 years before the wheat industry dried up moved most of its operations from the Fleurieu Peninsula to the Eyre Peninsula.

The mill was subsequently reincarnated as a Wattlebark mill to process the local species of Wattlebark, which grew between Myponga and Yankalilla. The local species of Wattlebark had fantastic tanning properties for tanning leather that was exported to London.

Years later, the mill was reincarnated once again as a shearing shed to support the growing local wool industry. However, it was in 1984, when architect Davide Grieve purchased the property and Leonards’ Mill became an interesting restaurant.

Jane Mitchell and Alan Greig took over Leonards’ Mill Restaurant in 2010 and it quickly became a highly regarded, frequently visited regional restaurant and gallery.

Current restaurant owners Hayley and Iain have occupied the 174-year-old Leonards’ Mill since 2017.

The painting is of Leonards’ Mill on a delightful summer’s afternoon.

Medium: Geof Pearce
Medium: Acrylic on 10oz Australian Acrylic Primed Linen.
Size: Landscape: 90cms (35”) X 76cms (30”).
Completion Date: May 2012
Value: SOLD