A warm summer’s morning from Coppin’s Lookout

Approaching Sorrento’s delightful surf beach, or ‘Back Beach’ as it is most commonly referred to, one of the features that you cannot miss is the wonderful lookout set high above the south eastern corner of the beach called Coppin’s Lookout – once known as the Mt Coppin Rotunda.

A short walk from the car park to the lookout reveals magnificent views of the rugged southern Mornington Peninsula coastline. This painting though, captures the view south eastward toward St Pauls Beach, Jubilee Point, The Dogs Head and Cape Schanck barely visible in the distance.

The superb mid-summer morning light, the lovely blue greens of the rolling Southern Ocean, the surf beach, the dense range of greens of the coastal scrub, the windswept sand dunes, the range of brown ochre colours of the rugged cliff line and interesting rock formations, all led me to paint this mesmerising view.

Artist: Geof Pearce
Medium: Acrylic on 10oz Australian Acrylic Primed Linen
Size: Landscape: 122cms (48”) X 76cms (30”)
Completion Date: September 2021
Price: $5000