Several of my paintings will be on display at ‘By blackbird’ cafe/restaurant Shop 3/44-46 King William Road Goodwood, from Wednesday 9th November until Friday 30th December.

The exhibition titled…“At the window – the artists view”…is a series of eight paintings that reflect my passion for the alluring light and landscapes of the western Fleurieu Peninsula.

The consequence of the light on the stunning landscapes of this region has often fascinated me, and created a strong desire to express this passion in my paintings as an enduring connection with the area.

However, if and when you and others engage in observing this series of paintings I anticipate you all could leave from here… with something quite different…but nonetheless there should be no doubt about my passion for this captivating and mesmerising region and the wonderful light no matter what time of the year.

The beauty and wealth of colour, tone and line, the choice of aspect and view, the intensity of light and shadow, the exquisiteness of the time of day….all have led to a fascination I have and what observers may or may not see…clearly always different, but each painting may cause a unique response from you.

As I have indicated previously my compositions are not planned in any formal way….I paint what I see through the lens of the camera.

The thorough enjoyment I have experienced as I have painted this ever-changing and beautifully splendid landscape is one that I would like you to also enjoy.

So come along to the cafe and enjoy a lovely coffee, a tasty croissant, friendly customer service – all whilst having a look at my landscape paintings!

By Blackbird Exhibition Poster PDF

Exhibition Paintings Information PDF

Maslins Beach Cliffs and Ochre Point from Seaford

March 25, 2016