Geof Pearce

The Artist

I have had a passion and commitment to paint the landscapes that I know and love. As a child growing up in various parts of rural, outback and metropolitan Australia I spent a lot of time drawing and painting those environments.

Since my retirement I have photographed and painted the rural landscapes and coastal seascapes of Australia but especially the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia, the land around north central Victoria and the deserts of northern Australia.

I am principally interested in the joy that can be seen from the outstanding Australian light and wonderful skies that are inherent within those glorious landscapes.

Exhibition List:

November 2018 – February 2019: Exhibition at Expressions Gallery, High Street Armidale Victoria

April 2018 – “At the Window – the Artists View” at Public Grind – Highett, Victoria
March-April 2017 – Leonards Mill – Second Valley, Light – A moment suspended in time. Festival Fleurieu, 14th – 30th of April 2017
2016 September/October – Solo Exhibition – Bremerton Gallery, Langhorne Creek SA. November/December 2016 – Solo Exhibition at ‘By Blackbird’ – Goodwood SA
April 2015 – Group Exhibition – Festival Fleurieu – Leonards Mill, Second Valley
April 2013 – Group Exhibition – Leafy Sea Dragon Festival – Leonards Mill, Second Valley
2011/ 2012 – Exhibited at Leonards Mill Second Valley SA
2010/11 – Group Exhibition – Victor Harbor Art Exhibition
2011 – Exhibited at Glenelg Fine Arts Galley
2007 – Exhibited at ‘The Railway Gallery’ Strathalbyn SA

Artist’s Statement

My latest work reflects my passion for the alluring light and landscapes of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The consequence of the light on the stunning landscapes of this region has always left me fascinated, but with a strong desire to express this passion in my painting as an enduring connection with the area.

However, those who engage in observing my paintings in this exhibition will probably leave from here…each I trust, with something quite different. Nonetheless there should be no doubt about my passion for this captivating and mesmerising region.

The beauty and wealth of colour, tone and line, the choice of aspect and view, the intensity of light and shadow, the exquisiteness of the time of day….all have lead me to be fascinated with what observers may or may not see…clearly always different, but I am sure each painting will cause a unique response.

My compositions are not planned in any formal way. I paint what I see from the lens of the camera. However I seem unable to separate composition from colour whilst the perceived abstract nature of some of my paintings can cause a different response.

I prefer to approach my painting as an ‘exciting act of discovery’. For me it becomes a physical journey through each landscape and that results in paintings that I believe reflect the pleasure I gain from the paint and the brush on the canvas.

The thorough enjoyment I have experienced as I paint the ever-changing and mesmerising Australian landscapes is one that I would like you to also enjoy.

My Work

My work which ranges in size from 76cms x 76cms to 120cms x 76cms has been purchased by people from all over Australia and has been regularly exhibited at Leonards Mill Gallery at Second Valley on the Fleurieu Peninsula and soon to be exhibited at Bremerton Wines Gallery at Langhorn Creek on the Bremer River flood plain.

Each piece of my work often takes more than one hundred hours to complete…the price of the paintings is not determined through an hourly rate but rather by me providing for people a painting or paintings that they are interested in and prepared to invest in.

The medium I use is acrylic on hard board or unframed linen and canvas and I work from the many photographs I have taken to provide a basic reference for the painting.

This website provides for you an opportunity to see what I paint and I trust, gain the same enjoyment from those paintings as I have enjoyed painting them.

Please refer to the Portfolio page to view my work.
You’re then able to see the paintings I currently have for sale, by selecting the For Sale category.

I am happy for you to make payment for my work either through the gallery where my work is being exhibited or directly through me at my home (those details can be found on this website).

I do think it’s valuable for you to view my paintings at the galleries where my work is being exhibited as a painting can often look quite different on the website from the way it may appear on a wall in front of you…. it can be very difficult to determine the size of a painting just from the website images as all paintings can appear to be very similar in size.

I will gladly discuss completing landscape works for you on commission…. simply point out the location! Contact Me

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